New location for donation forms.

If you’re having trouble figuring out where your Legacy Portal donation forms are, you’re in the right place. For the thousands of you that joined the C&P family before 2016, you’ve likely noticed we made some changes to how the forms look and how you can use them. We believe these changes will empower you to accomplish your mission better than ever.

Stay in the know.

Here is what’s happening:

We launched CONNECT 2.0 in 2016. Since then, we’ve been phasing out Legacy Portal to make way for the more powerful and user-friendly CONNECT. So now, the Portal Classic Simple pages are redirecting to a CONNECT donation form. We’ve worked hard over the last four years to prepare our C&P family for these changes. But we know life gets crazy. That’s okay. We’re here for you.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Create or Update a Campaign
    • Log in to CONNECT.
    • Note that you already have a default campaign that you can edit if you want, or you can just make a new one.
    • Click Campaigns in the left menu.
    • At the Campaign List, the Action button on the right lets you choose to edit or duplicate an existing campaign.
    • Once you’ve selected to edit or duplicate a Campaign, click Campaign Details on the left. If you duplicated a campaign, update the information under Campaign Settings > Basic Information.
    • Edit Payment Settings sections.
  1. Customize Donation Form
    • Click Form Builder from left menu. Here’s where you make the form match your branding.
    • Choose a template.
    • Use Settings menu on the right to customize form. You can customize section titles in Section Title field.
    • Click save, name your form, and click save again.
  1. Add Donation Page to Website
    • After creating or editing your form, go back to Form Builder. Under Saved Forms, click Refresh.
    • Click the Get Code icon and select the option you want for your site. You can use a direct link, inline iframe or overlay. The iframe and overlay are embedded forms that need to be added to a secure webpage (HTTPS). These options will keep the donor on your site. The direct link will be a standalone Click & Pledge page.

Thank you for trusting us.

We can’t wait to see how you unlock the power of CONNECT.

To explore the possibilities further, including things like conditional custom questions, check out–payment-forms.

As always, we’re grateful to be on your team.