Who dreams of hidden fees 

Career day at school is so pure. The excitement is palpable, the outfits are laid out the night before.  Firefighters, police officers, soccer stars, doctors, you name it. Kids are full of dreams, and it’s a beautiful thing. Remember the ambitious ones who wanted to be hidden fee gurus?  

“I want to grow up to be on tv reading the side effects of medicine SO FAST that no one can possibly understand the impending doom that will descend on them when they take this.” “One day you’ll hear me on the radio flying through the fees and exclusions that accompany buying a car so that everyone will be lured in and bankrupted because of me. Yay!    

Oh, you don’t remember those kids? That’s funny. ME NEITHER.  But yet, here we are. 


It’s just insulting. 

Hidden fees and restricting contracts are everywhere, and they are a nightmare.  They can be especially damaging for nonprofits that simply don’t have space in their online fundraising budgets to deal with nonsense.  

At Click & Pledge, we don’t think you should need a pet eagle to spot and read you the fine print of everything. And since you probably don’t have a pet eagle, let us be one for you. For example, if you went to Donorbox’s website, you’d find this handy cost comparison chart.  



Unfortunately, they left a few things out. And I think I have a pretty good idea why. If they had told you everything you need to know, including anything about Click & Pledge, that chart would look like this:  

The guessing game stops with Click & Pledge.  

Here, what you see is what you get. We want you to be able to do your work and help your community, not spend all your time figuring out how and where to pay us.  

So, here’s what we’re about 

  1. No contract Not monthly, not annually, not ever. No contract.  And it is free to create an account.
  2. Free supportYou can pay for premier support if you need it. But everyone gets basic support for free.  
  3. 3.75% + 37 cents per transaction + $1.50 deposit fee (max 1 per day) – That’s the pricing plan. Period. No monthly bills, no annual bills.  

It’s simple respect. Your trust is sacred, and you should expect it to be treated as such. Affordability, freedom, transparency. That’s the Click & Pledge commitment to you.  


Let’s do some good.


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