The Feeder – Rescue Mission of Roanoke

Not many people have the gift of making a drive-thru feel like home. But every Saturday morning, that’s Pam Ferguson’s place to shine.

As the leader of Manna Ministries – a branch of the Rescue Mission of Roanoke in southwest Virginia – Pam oversees the assembly and distribution of hundreds of food boxes every week.

But during this entire process, you won’t find her giving orders from a cozy office somewhere. Instead, you’ll find her zipping around on the forklift, adding the correct cereal to a food box, or greeting the drive-thru guests.

This hands-on leadership seems to create a common thread through the experience: if you’re part of Manna Ministries, whether giving or receiving, you’re Pam’s family. Her warm, unassuming greeting to every car in line reassures folks that this is her house, it’s mealtime, and everyone is welcome.

What a gift to this community!

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