Click & Pledge started as a side project. It’s not a widely known origin story, but back in 2000, the local United Way in Blacksburg, Virginia, tried to find new ways to raise funds. Something easy for those who wanted to help but didn’t have the time. Essentially, we paved the way for nonprofits to accept donations via their websites.

After 17 years of business, we hear a lot of different stories from different people with unique causes and needs. But for most nonprofits and organizations, year-round brand awareness only increases overhead, and stakeholder skepticism.

We’ve resolved to make 2017 the Year of Causes. Discussing marketing increases with your board can be a tough sell. So let’s change the conversation: Instead of investing your donations and revenue into your marketing initiatives, we’ll do it for you.

Starting today, Click & Pledge customers can now create Facebook advertisements alongside donation forms built within our all-in-one Connect platform. The best part? We pay for your ads, schedule them, and send them out to a national audience.

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Why are we doing this?

Because it matters. Nonprofit brands that are more recognized by the public often receive more donations. Even if a donor isn’t ready to give just yet, they’re often more likely to remember what your cause is about when they do decide to donate. It’s called “top-of-mind awareness” (or TOMA), and it can make a big difference when you’re looking for more runners in your next 5K (or more year-end contributions in December). We don’t wait until the next fundraiser’s right around the corner. We want to be on peoples’ minds year-round.

It’s not a matter of just providing software that works in a pretty design. It’s about total, robust fundraising automation. Our mission is to make your job, and your cause, easier to handle.

We’re incredibly excited about this new initiative (and many more to come this year). We feel so privileged to work alongside so many amazing, hardworking people — to help those who do the most good in our society.

Until the next time, we’ll see you on social.

— The Click & Pledge team

Let’s do some good.


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