Texting is a thing, right?

23 billion. That’s how many text messages are sent around the world every single day.

According to researcher Dscout, most of us touch our smartphones 2,617 times a day. And that was pre-COVID days! Are these trends turning our brains to mush and ruining our social skills? Maybe. But that’s a discussion for another day.

For now, let’s explore the upside. Imagine what this unprecedented access to people all over the world could mean for your nonprofit and your mission.

Enter Click & Pledge’s SMSgiving.

Click & Pledge has created a way for your supporters to give to you as quickly and efficiently as they connect with loved ones, order food and confirm their dentist appointments. Texting. It’s really as simple as it sounds.

Here are the 4 Easy Steps for Set-up:

  1. Go to Twilio.org to create an account to receive your unique phone number (or short code). Nonprofits should check out Twilio’s Impact Access Program for benefits.
  2. Link your Twilio and Click & Pledge accounts. Do this by adding Twilio account information to the 3rd party integrations section of your Click & Pledge account, and setting the webhook URL in the Twilio account settings.
  3. Now create a key phrase and customize a mobile-friendly donation page. This customization includes adding images, setting donation amounts and more!
  4. Start encouraging donors to text the key phrase to the number or scan the generated QR code. Then they will receive a link to the customized payment page.

For more details and instructions, visit our Support Article.

The benefits at a glance.

  • Low cost – Twilio charges $1 per month for a phone number and approximately ¾ of a cent per message. There is no extra cost from Click & Pledge.
  • Quick turnaround – Receive your funds in 48 hours. Like all your Click & Pledge transactions, funds are directly deposited into your organization’s bank account.
  • Information – Reports are available 24/7 with the donor and transaction data you need.
  • Recurrence – You can allow donors to give on an ongoing basis. Their transaction will automatically process when it’s scheduled.

Hooked yet? Check out our support article for more details on how SMSgiving works. Meet your donors where they are. Happy texting!


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