2 Dec, 2021

The Energizer – Appalachian Voices

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Appalachian Voices is a nonprofit that works closely with Jason in its fight for clean and equitable energy across the Appalachian region.

18 Nov, 2021
  • Hanna Teklu is “The Overcomer”, and she’s just getting started.

The Overcomer – Together We Bake

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Hanna Teklu is so many things: courageous, driven, compassionate, intelligent, warm…just to name a few. Ultimately, she’s impossible not to be drawn to. And that is a gift she is using to transform the lives of dozens of women.

12 Nov, 2021
  • Jane Doe -Children's Trust

Jane Doe – Children’s Trust

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15,277 children were abused or neglected in this Children’s Trust coverage area in 2020. See the heart-wrenching way they were honored.

27 Oct, 2021
  • Rescue Mission of Roanoke

The Feeder – Rescue Mission of Roanoke

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As the leader of Manna Ministries – a branch of the Rescue Mission of Roanoke in southwest Virginia – Pam oversees the assembly and distribution of hundreds of food boxes every week.

14 Sep, 2021
  • McGregor Hall Performing Arts Center

The Welcomer – McGregor Hall Performing Arts Center

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Beryle has been attending and volunteering at every performance she can get to across the state. Lately, she’s found her home at McGregor Hall, where she spreads her love of the stage by welcoming every guest that walks in.

6 Sep, 2021

The Family Man – Jubilee Housing

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Jorge doesn’t show up for the accolades. He doesn’t wait until someone is watching so they can tell him what a good person he is. He does what he does because he is taking care of his family. It’s something he learned from his mom back in Colombia: your fellow human beings mean something.

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