6 Mar, 2018

Nonprofit Web Design: 10 Crucial Components Of Your Site (Part 2)

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In part two of this two-part series, we focus on specific functions, tools, and other elements that should be a part of every nonprofit website.

27 Feb, 2018

Nonprofit Web Design: 10 Crucial Components Of Your Site (Part 1)

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Nonprofit websites should be optimized to function beautifully for their donors. Learn the most important design elements of successful nonprofit Web design.

6 Feb, 2018

5 Surefire Nonprofit Staffing Strategies You Should Know

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Staffing your nonprofit can be one of the biggest challenges your organization faces. However, with the right consultant and strategies, you’re sure to succeed!

7 Nov, 2017

How To Market Matching Gifts In The Year-End Donation Process

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Donors don’t always realize that these programs exist, and if they are aware, they’re not familiar with the guidelines on how to submit a request.

1 Nov, 2017

3 Ways Capital Campaigns Boost Your Year-End Giving Season

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Even though the holidays are such a popular time for charitable giving, not every nonprofit has a plan in place to take advantage of this fundraising boom.

13 Jul, 2017

3 Ways to Successfully Engage Your Nonprofit Board Members

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Even the most hands-on of board members are incredibly, ridiculously busy people. But remember: your mission is the reason why you’re all there in the first place.

18 Apr, 2017

3 Crucial Ways to Foster Facebook Engagement

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There’s a lot to be said for word-of-mouth event promotion. But at the end of the day, promotion is about getting the most people available to act.

12 Jan, 2016

Announcing Double The Donation Integration For Matching Gifts

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We’re excited to join forces with our friends at Double The Donation to make corporate matching gifts even easier for our customers. Now, it’s possible for Click & Pledge customers to have employers match a donor’s charitable contributions. As an Atlanta-based software firm, Double [...]