Who We Are

Click & Pledge began on May 30, 2000 as an idea: What if online fundraising for nonprofits were easier?
It started as a solution for our local United Way to accept online donations. It was meant to be a side project.

20 years later, we’ve handled over $1 billion in charitable contributions for over 20,000 Causes.

Our Clients

We’ve helped serve over 20,000 customers worldwide. That includes nonprofits, political campaigns, public broadcasters, and more.

Who Uses Click & Pledge?

Our Partners

You need the best digital integrations and consultants to build your online fundraising campaigns. That’s why we work with only the best partners.

Who Works With Us

Our Security

With our Level 1 PCI DSS certification, you can rest assured. Your organization’s private data — and your donors’ — is safe with us.

Protecting Your Data

Case Studies

See how the best campaigns make fundraising for nonprofits easier with our all-in-one online fundraising platform.

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Keep up-to-date with our latest company announcements, software updates, fundraising events, and more.

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The Click & Pledge Foundation

Our mission: Tell the untold stories. Our foundation creates documentary films for small nonprofits to serve as a voice for the voiceless.


Meet The Team

We’re 50+ strong & growing. Meet our team leads for starters.

Kamran Razvan, Ph.D.
Kamran Razvan, Ph.D.Founder - CEO
Maaziar Taghavi
Maaziar TaghaviFounder - VP of Platforms
Shirin Zohdi
Shirin ZohdiFounder - VP of Products
Rod Razvan
Rod RazvanFounder - Director of Photography
Stephen Williams
Stephen WilliamsCTO
Leona Turner
Leona TurnerClient Services & Development
Feroz Khan
Feroz KhanSalesforce® Lead Development Manager
Mashhood Ali
Mashhood AliApplications Project Manager
Rahman Ahmed
Rahman AhmedDirector Operations
Aijaz Ahmed
Aijaz Ahmed.NET Team Lead
Zubair Ahmed
Zubair AhmedLead Web Development Manager
Anand Aitwadekar
Anand AitwadekarUI Design Team Lead
Daniel Westmoreland
Daniel WestmorelandNetwork Administrator
Gandam Praveen
Gandam PraveeniOS Development Manager
Naskanti Srinivas
Naskanti SrinivasAndroid Development Manager
Mary Bland
Mary BlandAccounts Team Lead and Customer Support Advocate
Manukonda NageswaraRao
Manukonda NageswaraRaoConnect Team Lead
Gabriel Magda
Gabriel MagdaDesign Team Lead
Bethany Teague
Bethany TeagueC&P Foundation - Storyteller
Debbie VanEpp
Debbie VanEppCustomer Advocate
Kandula Mounika
Kandula MounikaSoftware Engineer
Susan Higgs
Susan HiggsDirector of Training
Robert Vap
Robert VapLevel 3 Standard Support Agent
Palle Siva Sankar Reddy
Palle Siva Sankar ReddyVoice & AI Developer
Suneel Bhimavarapu
Suneel BhimavarapuModule Lead
Palagani Lakshmi
Palagani LakshmiOpen Source Plugins Lead
Bethu RamKumar
Bethu RamKumarModule Lead
Samreen Khan
Samreen KhanSoftware Test Engineer
Abdul Moghni
Abdul MoghniSenior Support Engineer
Satish Kumar
Satish KumarSenior iOS Developer
Maryam Dariania
Maryam DarianiaSwiper1
Syed AslamBasha
Syed AslamBashaSoftware Test Engineer
Rachel Bryner
Rachel BrynerBrand Strategist
Gadaputi Sravani
Gadaputi SravaniModule Lead
Mohammad Raheem
Mohammad RaheemSenior Software Engineer
Potureddipalli Ramesh
Potureddipalli RameshSoftware Test Engineer
Babburi Ramakotaiah
Babburi RamakotaiahSoftware Engineer
Amy Goodman
Amy GoodmanLevel 1 Standard Support Agent
Maddukuri Udaykiran
Maddukuri UdaykiranSenior Software Engineer
Shaik Sameer Pasha
Shaik Sameer PashaUI Designer
Shaik Karimulla
Shaik KarimullaSoftware Engineer
Gowrakka VijayKumar
Gowrakka VijayKumarSoftware Engineer
Reyaz Ahmed
Reyaz AhmedSenior Software Engineer

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