The Click & Pledge Foundation

This is our story.

The Click & Pledge Foundation empowers nonprofits all over the world through the art of visual storytelling. We use our eyes, ears, and cameras to confront problems and stand with those working tirelessly to make their communities a better place. We are the 501c3 arm of Click & Pledge, a technology company with more than 20 years of expertise providing fundraising tools to thousands of nonprofits.

The foundation team combines years of experience in film, journalism, marketing, and photography to accomplish one cohesive mission: tell the untold stories of nonprofits and the issues they are facing. This happens in the form of professionally created documentaries, both short and feature-length, and other visually compelling content. We want to shine a light on the unseen.

The Click & Pledge Foundation believes everyone has a story to tell. It is our responsibility and privilege to give a voice to those who need one, and we get to do it all through the universal language of art.

Who we are

A storytelling organization created to amplify the voices nonprofits.

What matters to us

If it matters to nonprofits, it matters to us.

What we do

You may be familiar with the age-old question: If a tree falls and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Well, we’re here to make sure everyone hears it.

How we do it

The foundation team has produced 17 short and feature documentaries and counting.

The Storytellers

Shirin Zohdi
Shirin Zohdi - CEO
Bethany Teague
Bethany Teague- Director of Storytelling
Rod Razvan
Rod Razvan- Director of Photography
Gabriel Magda
Gabriel Magda- Lead Designer

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