Nonprofits, Associations & Organizations

No matter how big or small your budget, you need management software to be competitive. With real-time updates, accepting online payments helps your organization get the most from its donors (and it feels more inclusive, too).

Traditionally, cost can be a big hindrance to getting started, especially when your budget is tight. That’s about to change.


  • Own a comprehensive, world-class suite of online fundraising software. Our all-in-one platform includes:

    • Seamless, real-time online payment systems
    • Mobile-friendly donation forms
    • Automated, customizable receipts
    • Unlimited peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns
  • You can deploy as much of our software as your organization needs. These range from a simple one-page donation form, to full-fledged e-commerce experiences, donor and event management systems for Salesforce®, and even more.

Excellent For:

  • Large or small organizations

  • Social fundraisers

Higher Education & Academic Institutions

Alumni are giving more than ever to their alma maters. But your advancement office’s budget stays the same. It’s no longer enough to host a couple of galas per year and call it a success. In higher education, a successful giving plan starts and ends with donor retention and recurring gifts.


Excellent For:

  • On-campus event planners

  • Scholarship & endowment coordinators

  • Employer matching with Double The Donation

Faith-Based Organizations

Recurring tithes are the building blocks of your place of worship. You need to contain personnel costs, but still maintain your programs’ availabilities. Whether your fellowship donates in-person or online, we can help you make it easier. And more cost-beneficial, too.


  • Recurring payment setup makes online tithing easy and convenient.

  • Automatic receipts make record-keeping a breeze, even for volunteers.

  • Compare and analyze tithes to attendance with real-time reports.

Excellent For:

  • Mission trip fundraising events

  • Managing adult, youth, and children’s program budgets.

Public Broadcasting & Community Radio

Public radio and television stations must manage their online presence easily and often. To keep costs low, staff members manage it all. Online memberships, premium giveaways, pledge drives, and annual fundraising activities — to name a few.

Plus, all this management requires instant access to donor information and financial records.


  • Create and revise unlimited donation pages.

  • Link your storefront to an inventory system and real-time receipts.

  • Keep all your supporters’ data safe and accessible in our system.

Excellent For:

  • Radio-thons

  • Station membership management

  • Upcoming pledge drives

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