Hey nonprofit superheroes! It’s time to level up your fundraising game with the Click & Pay Suite’s latest updates. We’re thrilled to have these fantastic features now released to the public. Let’s dive into the awesomeness that awaits you!

Standalone Patron Portal:

Guess what? Your patrons are able to become the masters of their own information. Our new standalone Patron Portal allows supporters to take control of their info. It’s all about making things smoother and quicker for you – no more going back and forth with an individual about updating their information. They have the power to make changes themselves. Here is a Knowledge Base article about the Standalone Patron Portal: (LINK)

Revamped Aesthetics with Updated Store Themes:

Out with the bland, in with the grand! Say hello to some updated and sleek-looking store themes. Make your nonprofit’s online presence pop with themes that match your vibe. Let’s make selling items visually stunning for your supporters!

Seamless NPSP Integration for Recurring Transactions:

We’re here to sprinkle in a little bit of efficiency magic! The Click & Pay Suite now links recurring transactions seamlessly with NPSP. This allows you to focus more on your mission and less on administrative tasks.

Send Receipt Option in Store:

You can now send receipts right from the store! Quick, efficient, and professional. Your donors will love the instant information, and you’ll love the simplicity.

New Wildcard Names when Mapping:

Let’s talk flexibility! Introducing wildcard names for mapping. An option may now be added to the Campaign mapping with SKU. The new feature will add “Item SKU” as a wild card for the campaign name. 

Autoresponder for Internal Links:

Our Autoresponder for internal links makes finding and editing info a breeze. No more digging through the data jungle; you have what you need right there with just a couple clicks.

Bug Fixes:

As always, we aim to make your experience seamless and glitch-free.

With these Click & Pay Suite updates, fundraising just got a whole lot more fun and efficient. So, strap in, gear up, and get ready to conquer the fundraising world like never before. 🚀

To request a free upgrade – post your request here. Please make sure to grant us login access & let us know your Salesforce Organization Id.

Watch the release webinar below to learn more about these awesome new updates.

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