[November 7th, 2023] –

Click & Pledge, a leading provider of innovative fundraising solutions, is pleased to announce a new integration with PayPal, a global leader in online payment solutions. This integration aims to streamline the donation process, enhance convenience, and cater to the preferred payment choices of supporters.

By integrating PayPal, Click & Pledge is expanding its payment options to include popular methods such as PayPal and Venmo. This allows nonprofit organizations to offer donors a user-friendly experience, accommodating their preferences and maximizing donation potential.

PayPal’s customers also now have the chance to maximize their fundraising efforts by signing up with Click & Pledge’s platform. Additionally, current PayPal users can skip applying again to connect their PayPal and Venmo accounts to Click & Pledge.

“At Click & Pledge, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that help organizations thrive in their endeavors. Whether it be customizable donation forms, Text-to-Give, Peer-to-Peer, donor management, or any of our other industry-leading solutions, we got you covered,” said Kamran Razvan, CEO at Click & Pledge. “Integrating with PayPal helps us empower nonprofits to streamline the donation experience, increase donor participation, provide Click & Pledge fundraising solutions to PayPal users, and ultimately achieve a greater impact for their respective causes.”

With the integration of PayPal and Venmo, donors will enjoy various benefits, including continued data security and the convenience of using their preferred platforms.

Extensive research reveals that when PayPal is accepted, users are 3.7 times more likely to donate.1 Additionally, a remarkable 37% of donors contribute more money when provided with the option to use PayPal.2 These statistics illustrate the tremendous financial potential organizations can achieve with this new integration.

As the fundraising landscape evolves, flexible and secure payment options are crucial for nonprofit organizations. Click & Pledge’s PayPal integration reflects a commitment to meeting the changing needs of organizations and donors and ensuring a seamless and efficient giving experience.

To learn more about Click & Pledge’s expanded payment options available through PayPal, please visit [here].

About Click & Pledge:

Click & Pledge is a leading provider of cutting-edge fundraising solutions for nonprofits. With a mission to empower organizations to make a difference, Click & Pledge offers a comprehensive suite of tools and integrations that streamline fundraising operations, engage supporters, and drive impact. Trusted by nonprofits, Click & Pledge is committed to delivering innovative solutions, personalized support, and unparalleled value to its valued partners.

¹Nielsen, commissioned by PayPal, April 2022. Nielsen Media Attitudinal Survey of US (January 2022) with 400 recent donations (past 3 months) to Non-Profit organizations. Base: 338 PayPal users

² Logica Research, Commissioned by PayPal, March23-April 2, 2021. Logica Research conducted an online survey averaged 10 minutes among a sample of 4,306 PayPal user respondents from four countries (U.S., Canada, Australia, and U.K.) who made a monetary donation to a non-profit PayPal merchant. N=1029. 

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