Two Points…

Nonprofit emails are in a state of limbo.

If you’ve never taken a look at MailChimp’s benchmark data, it can be a wealth of insight as to how you’re performing on average. On one hand, the sector averages a nearly 25% open rate — the seventh-highest by industry. On the other, nonprofits don’t receive as many clicks to their content, receiving a mediocre 2.76%.

So there’s some good news and bad news to take away from this data:

  1. List degradation is really low. That means a typical nonprofit’s email database is likely not losing many subscribers to opt-outs, bounces, or spam filters.
  2. While subject lines are getting people to open your emails, what’s in those emails isn’t getting people to click any further to your content.

If you’re looking to convert one-time donors into donating a second time (or recurring!), a monthly newsletter probably isn’t going to cut it. You need content that’s exciting, personalized, and actionable.

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