At the heart of any nonprofit organization lies a constant, formidable challenge — raising money. While creativity reigns supreme with all manner of contests, events and promotions created to attract the eyes and ears of supporters, it can still prove difficult for a donor to give. Click & Pledge is addressing that problem with its latest product release.

Today, Click & Pledge is proud to announce the release of its new SMSgiving tool, a remarkable way for donors to donate and a new strategy for organizations to employ when fundraising. SMSgiving provides customized, fast, secure giving that’s perfect for Causes of any size. Organizations can customize giving amounts, set recurring donations, and capture all donor information in real-time.

“SMSgiving is a powerful tool designed with one thing in mind — quick giving,” says Kamran Razvan, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Click & Pledge.

“In an era of smartphones, convenience and speed are important factors that donors take into consideration when giving. The easier we can make it for them, the better the chances are they will donate.”

Donors aren’t the only ones who benefit. SMSgiving offers organizations a new strategy to use when soliciting donations, creating an audience of fully engaged supporters ready to take action. “We all know how critical an engaged audience is when it comes to raising money. For many of our Causes, it’s one of their largest assets,” adds Shirin Zohdi, VP of product development at Click & Pledge.

The power behind SMSgiving lies in our partnership with Twilio, the leading cloud communications platform. “By working with Twilio,” adds Zohdi, “we are able to offer our Causes SMSgiving on a global scale while avoiding the high cost, delayed payment, lack of donor information, and many other inconveniences of carrier billing that can plague SMS campaigns.”

We’re proud to make SMSgiving available to all of our Causes at no additional cost. To learn more about SMSgiving, go to