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COVID-19 is changing the way we socialize and is forcing nonprofits to find creative ways to engage with donors. Although this change is difficult, it also provides an opportunity to explore the virtual tools that are making it easier than ever to be present online. When used correctly, these virtual tools can help further a mission with little to no cost.

Below we discuss the tools that are fundamental to creating a virtual fundraising approach. Multiple examples and tactics are provided for each tool to help you create a strategy that will work for you. These tools include SMSgiving, SMS Autoresponder, Facebook Ads, PledgeTV, and basic social media platforms. Once you find something you are ready to utilize, give it a shot or you can schedule a demo to get more assistance. We want you to succeed!

SMSgiving (Powered by Twilio)

Mobile giving is growing every year. With SMSgiving, you can create custom forms accessible through text messages. Simply create a phrase that will trigger a custom link to your donation form sent from your own Twilio number. This tool also includes a QR code generator that can be used to direct people to the same donation forms.

It is quick, easy, and the trend of mobile giving is on the rise. This simple tool can be set-up and running in one day. Schedule a demo here! It can be used practically anywhere in your virtual strategy. Although this tool is dependent on Twilio, they offer amazing credits for nonprofits to help you keep cost to a minimum. (Twilio’s Impact Access Program)

Use Examples

  • Share number during an online fundraising event
  • Share on social media posts or include in your bio
  • Include number on a call to action
  • Share number in your email communications
  • Create unique or branded vanity number within Twilio
  • Use the QR code generator on our platform, learn more


Your videos are going to play a very important role in strengthening donor relations during social distancing. With pledgeTV your leaders can share video updates and call to actions to engage with your audience. This tool blends your custom form with a video player. Simply put, your audience can donate while watching your video. The pay to play option is a very practical setting for nonprofits, which allows you to require a donation or payment before the video is viewable.

Use Examples

  • Pay to play feature is perfect for online classes, performance, event. Learn more
  • Include donation buttons directly on your video
  • Share weekly updates
  • Post podcasts
  • Informative videos

SMS Autoresponder in Salesforce (Powered by Twilio)

Setting up this tool can provide immense value and save staff time in the long run. SMS autoresponder has the same functionality as SMS Giving, but with more flexibility. For example, you could set-up a fully customizable SMS reply for words like “info,” another one for “donate,” and another one for “Upcoming Virtual Events.”

Each trigger phrase can be custom and each reply can be custom! If you are an organization that is constantly getting the same question about updates or the current status of events, simply set up an autoresponder once and relax. If the message changes all you have to do is log in and adjust your response.

Use Examples

  • Provide a number that members can text to get updates or schedules
  • Multiple phrases can be created for a fully functioning auto response system
  • Send direct messages to your contacts on Salesforce

Facebook Ads

Social media has always been a necessary tool for virtual success, but did you know we will provide funding for your Facebook ads? That’s right, you can create a Facebook ad and we will help you with funding to reach a bigger audience. The automation of the feature is what makes it so powerful, once it is set-up the same message will be distributed and promoted without any hassle.

Use Examples

  • Create an ad with a powerful image to capture the attention
  • Spread your mission and link your website
  • Share a call to action with a link to your CONNECT form
  • Promote your next online class

Social Media

Engage. Right now. It is more important than ever to make your voice heard on social media. Start by sharing weekly updates to your donors or tell them about the challenges you’re dealing with. It is always the right time to communicate your mission and value to your donors.

Use Examples

  • Share weekly update posts
  • Share your challenges with follower
  • Create a call to action
  • Create a place to share your latest news
  • Go live!

With the tools describe above your organization can become more present online than ever before. The opportunities are endless but you need to find what works best for you. The time is now, reach out to your Click & Pledge support team with any questions you have or to schedule a demo!

Let’s do some good.


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