Reflections on Heroes Uncovered Part 2

That’s a wrap!  

The Click & Pledge Foundation’s fourth season of video production, Heroes Uncovered: Part 2, officially concluded in early February with the release of its 11th episode. Parts one and two contained 22 episodes altogether, each celebrating a different hero connected to various Click & Pledge nonprofits around the U.S. The videos also helped these organizations raise more than $300,000 over the last two years.  

As we transition into our new filming adventure, Project Ocean, we felt it appropriate to pause and reflect on the heroic people these last two seasons have brought us.  

We will relentlessly contend that heroic is the proper adjective to use for these individuals. Some were clients, others were employees or volunteers. You would not believe how many times we had to argue with one of them about the fact that hero is, in fact, what they are. It was rare to encounter anyone in this series who thought of themselves as anything other than ordinary, simply going about their business.  

If there is anything this series has shown us here at Click & Pledge, it’s that the heroic is quite often found in the seemingly ordinary. Perhaps it takes an outside perspective sometimes, which our production team was able to provide. We came into each of these individuals’ worlds and could immediately see the impact they had on their communities, even when they could do nothing but downplay it in their own minds. We were and remain moved by every single one of them; their work and the spirit in which they go about it.  

Much of life is made in all the days where it feels like nothing happens. The best parts of the world are found in the people that use their gifts and talents to love their neighbor without thinking too much of it.  

Please don’t stop. We all need you, the ordinary hero. Our challenge to all our featured heroes, to our audience and to ourselves is never to doubt your impact. Thanks for being you.