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21Jun, 2018
  • BeeP on Facebook Live: How Click & Pledge Delivers Delightful Customer Support

BeeP on Facebook Live: Support Services

We review the many different support options that are available to you. Kamran and Matt will introduce you to some of the folks who make it happen.

30May, 2018
  • BeeP On Facebook Live: Our Pricing

BeeP On Facebook Live: Our Pricing

Pricing shouldn’t be difficult. Join Kamran and Matt as they walk you through Click & Pledge’s pricing model and answer your questions.

23May, 2018
  • Click & Pledge BeeP: Our Privacy

BeeP On Facebook Live: Our Privacy

Kamran and Matt discuss what data Click & Pledge collects and manages for itself, and on behalf of its customers. We'll also demonstrate Connect's "Delete Contact" feature to help your organization comply with GDPR privacy regulations.

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