When the Click & Pledge Foundation first launched project “Home,” we set out to tell great stories that were hiding right underneath us. While we originally set out to “tell the untold stories,” we never thought they would receive as much recognition as they have within the last few months.

“Project Home: Shifting Faces” Selected By Awareness and Docs Without Borders Film Festivals

We learned last week that our newest documentary, “Project Home: Shifting Faces,” received a Merit Award from the Los Angeles-based Awareness Film Festival. As if that weren’t enough excitement for one film, we also learned “Shifting Faces” was officially selected by the Docs Without Borders Film Festival.

“Project Home: Shifting Faces” presents a strong juxtaposition between whom you see on the street — and who’s truly behind the eyes that look back at you. Depicted as a nonlinear alternating third-person documentary, “Shifting Faces” depicts the lives of five homeless people living on the streets of Columbus, Georgia, and the work of local nonprofit Homeless Resource Network. The subjects’ backgrounds vary greatly; from the college-educated, to military veterans, to entrepreneurs. The one thing they all have in common is that they never thought they would end up where they are.

“Project Home: The Next Battle” Selected By Indigo Moon Film Festival

Our multi-award-winning “Project Home: The Next Battle” continues to garner laurels and recognition across the country. Most recently, “The Next Battle” was officially selected by the Indigo Moon Film Festival in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Canines for Service sees “home” as the bond between human and animal. Filmed in North Carolina and Virginia, “The Next Battle” details the work of Canines for Service, and how the nonprofit changed three veterans’ and their service dogs’ lives. Some veterans suffer from debilitating post-traumatic stress disorder, while others have had life-threatening injuries. But what’s just as captivating is that all of Canines for Service’s dogs are rescues and retrained for their work.

While we appreciate the honors that continuously grace our work, we know that these stories are just a vehicle. The true credit goes to Homeless Resource Network and Canines for Service for their insatiable efforts to do more good in our world. Because of this, we hope you’ll take the time to research — or even become involved — in their programs.