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The Click & Pledge Foundation: Untold Stories
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Today we’re incredibly excited to announce the beginning of a new chapter for our company. Unlike other birthday celebrations, we don’t want any gifts. Instead, we felt it was more appropriate to give something back to you for our 17th anniversary. That’s why we’re proud to introduce The Click & Pledge Foundation to the world.

The Click & Pledge Foundation is is dedicated to creating documentaries that highlight the amazing work that our Causes do.

Several of us in the office already volunteer for various nonprofits, but wanted to create a foundation under the Click & Pledge umbrella. The problem was, our customers / “Causes” were already doing so much of the heavy lifting. Rather than compete with other Causes, we felt it was best to help them instead.

How does The Click & Pledge Foundation Work?

Every year, our foundation team will select a theme based on the popularity and sensitivity of the topic. In the form of grants, our foundation will then select a number of nonprofits whose stories best resemble the theme’s character. For 2017, we’re announcing the project “Home.”

What Is Project “Home?”

More or less, all nonprofits dedicate themselves to providing a sense of stability for those who might not have it.

You know the old saying, ‘Home is what you make it.’ Regardless of your political opinions, your religious beliefs, your birthplace or your family history — we all have our own interpretation of what makes us feel safe. And when life strips one of his or her sense of home, it doesn’t really matter who you are. It can be earth-shattering.

As our mantra for 2017, we promised you that this would be the “Year of Causes.” That’s why we resolved to invest our time and resources into showcasing your Cause. The Click & Pledge Foundation comprises visual storytellers by both profession and passion. We believed it was time to give our collective talent some serious purpose.

Sounds Interesting! How Can My Organization Apply?

If your organization or someone you know may be interested in applying for one of our video grants, head over to and apply. If we think you fit project Home’s character, we’ll contact your organization. Then we’ll discuss whether it’s a good fit to create a documentary together.

There’s nothing to lose here, except an opportunity to show the world how you make “home” happen.

Let’s do some good.


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