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It is a time of great change within our sector. For better or worse, when our futures seem unexpected, you can always expect change to occur. We started Click & Pledge over 17 years ago, anticipating the future of fundraising would enter the online realm. Our name got it almost right. Our expectations of the future were all but anachronistic — like 19th Century science fiction novelists whose predictions are almost true. Because, yes, people do “click” for their information now more than ever. But they also tap, swipe, text, press, and — most recently — speak to learn, more than ever.

We figured it was time to make a change for the future — for you to get more out of your fundraising platform. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to our new voice-controlled AI assistant for Click & Pledge’s online fundraising platform.

The AI assistant is incredibly smart and loves to help you make sense of your fundraising data. When you ask it a question, the AI reads your account’s statistics back to you. Your fundraising data is a question away, not just a mouse click. No longer will you have to log in to Connect to answer every single stat query. Just enable the Skill on your Alexa app, or the Google Action on your Google Assistant, and ask for yourself.

After saying “Open Click & Pledge” (or “Ask Click & Pledge” for Google), try asking, “What are my stats for…”

  • Today?
  • Yesterday?
  • This week?
  • Last week?
  • This year?
  • This quarter?
  • A specific date (September 20, 2017)?
  • A specific holiday or Giving Day (Giving Tuesday 2017)?

While the world around us might ebb and flow, our mission stands strong. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the most technologically advanced solutions of any platform, period. And that part won’t change.

Click & Pledge’s AI assistant is available now on Amazon and Google. Give it a chance and you’ll see (or hear) the future of fundraising for yourself. Most importantly, have fun with it, and expect to hear more from us very soon. You can count on it.

Let’s do some good.


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