With spring around the corner, the Roanoke Valley’s future is already looking sunnier. That’s because the Foundation for Roanoke Valley helped to raise over $700,000 for local nonprofits. Thanks to Roanoke Valley Gives Day, a 24-hour giving day initiative, local nonprofits brought attention to the work and worth of their missions to the public.

The foundation partnered with Click & Pledge, a Blacksburg tech company that helps nonprofits organize and promote their online fundraising initiatives.

This year’s top organizations, Roanoke Catholic School and New Freedom Farm, received the most donations and the most unique donors, respectively. Roanoke Catholic School raised over $85,600 in donations, while New Freedom Farm received 651 unique donations.

“Roanoke Valley Gives is a great opportunity to help raise the awareness of local nonprofits that provide such wonderful programs and services to thousands of folks across the Valley,” said Carly Oliver, the Associate Director of the Foundation for Roanoke Valley.

Raising the Stakes

The foundation upped its ante from last year’s March 16, 2016 Roanoke Valley Gives Day, raising its donation goal to $500,000. This estimate came in the wake of shattering last year’s Roanoke Valley Gives Day goal, raising over $150,000 by lunchtime, and over $366,500 within 24 hours.

“I am so grateful to our generous community and the hard work of our participating nonprofits for making this day so successful,” Oliver said.

With more than 130 nonprofits participating in their Roanoke Valley Gives Day, both the foundation and Click & Pledge believed increased awareness of the event helped bring in new donors and shed light on new causes.

“Roanoke Valley Gives is a prime example of what happens when people come together for something bigger than themselves,” said Kamran Razvan, CEO of Click & Pledge. “We’re also glad to see so much good being done, right in our own backyard of Southwest Virginia.”

Let’s do some good.


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