Accept Donations OnlineIntegrate with ease

The Payment-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform offers an easy way to integrate any payment application with an authorization gateway. The PaaS platform is more than just a payment platform. It is a toolkit for creating a robust payment application offering all features of the Click & Pledge payment system. Features such as:

  • a customizable detailed receipt
  • donation and tax deductible contribution
  • payments for products with sales tax, shipping and discount features
  • recurring transactions
  • eTickets and name badges
  • customizable reports
  • integration with Salesforce, Twitter, Constant Contact, and MailChimp.
PaaS Platform

PaaS Platform [Payment-as-a-Service]

PaaS offers a one stop gateway solution for processing credit cards. The platform offers integration with several third party products. By processing with PaaS a developer does not need to know how to integrate with such services as Salesforce, Twitter, ConstantContact, and MailChimp. Learn more.

PaaS Platform

FaaS Platform [Form-as-a-Service]

FaaS offers an easy method of processing transactions through a web form using the POST method. Web developers that don't have a programming background may now process payments natively within a simple form without any knowledge of XML or need of programming. Learn more.

Easy Account Setup

RaaS Platform [Report-as-a-Service]

RaaS provides "real-time" totals for each checkout page tracker. Trackers may be added to checkout page as a means of tracking payments. The RaaS service offers tracker totals for up to 5 trackers per call. Typical applications include site thermometers and progress bars. Learn more.

Third Party IntegrationThird-party integration

The as-a-Service (aaS) platform offers a variety of tools for third party companies to develop products that take advantage of the features offered. Click & Pledge welcomes partnerships and joint development efforts based on the aaS. Learn more.

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