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Online fundraising events are becoming more prevalent every day as the world searches for answers to COVID-19. It is now the job of every nonprofit to overcome new obstacles with a fine-tuned strategy, and we are here to assist them with the tools to do so.

With our new Integration with Zoom, nonprofits can now utilize their CONNECT forms to register patrons for Zoom events. As a result, organizations now have the power to transform a Zoom event into online fundraising event.

Our team created this tool for accepting paid, online event registrations. After a simple set-up process, patrons can give to a CONNECT form and be registered for your linked Zoom event automatically.

Our goal is to give your organization the tools and playbook to successfully fundraise with online events. Below we will discuss 5 ways nonprofit can creatively use this integration to fundraise. Try these examples or create something that works better for your organization.


5 Online Event Ideas for Fundraising

  1. Lunch and Learns

A lecture through Zoom is a great way to spark engagement with donors. A lunch and learn could entail anything from a paint lesson from a local arts center to educational lectures. Make sure to focus your material on content that is relevant to your audience!

  1. Online Courses

Courses are great for sharing lots of content. Our integration with Zoom will enable opportunities for nonprofits to develop a course and use it to further their fundraising. Simply create multiple Zoom events or a recurring event and have people register through the linked CONNECT form.

  1. Virtual Galas

The sky is the limit for online events and organizations are realizing how cost effective they can be. Use your CONNECT forms to register attendees and you can host your gala online this year. The money saved on event costs can but put towards promoting your event!

  1. Special Events

Giving days, celebrations, or networking events can create an engaging environment for your patrons. Keeping your audience engaged during this changing fundraising environment can be vital for donor rentention. Now is the perfect time to branch out and try new tactics.

  1. Interviews / Discussions

Every organization has someone they can interview and get insight from. Finding someone that appeals to your donor audience or someone closely related to your organization’s mission may work best. This type of online event can provide a lot of value with little required to get set-up.


Other Considerations 


Sometimes we hear from nonprofits that are reluctant to ask frequently for donations, yet donations are the life line of most nonprofits. They empower your organization to make an impact. When determining the price of an event or asking for donations, remember to consider the value you are providing and match your price accordingly. Simple. 

Ideal Event Length

Typically, events should be 30 minutes to 1 hour in length to be mindful of the audience’s time. If you want to host a longer event, make sure it is engaging to keep the audience’s attention and consider taking breaks.

Promotional Strategy

Getting people to join your event is an extremely important step. We recommended using promotions on multiple channels at least one week before the event. Also remember to focus on the value you will provide and share multiple reminders leading up to the event.

Set-up Process

Now that you have an overview of our integration and it’s use cases, let’s show you how to get it set-up. Our simple and quick 3 step process is easy to follow and the first step in the process to creating online fundraising events.

The Click & Pledge integration only works with Zoom’s paid accounts by using their API. Refer to Zoom’s pricing page:

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