From auctions to yard sales, the Swiper1 mobile credit card reader has helped nonprofits breathe a sigh of relief during their charity events. But just like Swiper1s flew off the shelves, time flew with it. Mobile technology has changed quite a bit since we released the original Swiper1. Most popular smartphones are forgoing headphone jacks in the name of “courage.”

Today, we’re making it easier and more reliable to use Swiper1 wherever your fundraising may take you. We’re thrilled to release the new, Bluetooth-compatible Swiper1 credit card reader for nonprofits. It has all the functions you know and love from the old model, and is fully compatible with the Swiper1 mobile app on the App Store and Google Play.

You may also notice the new Swiper1 comes equipped with an EMV chip card reader. Whether you swipe or insert, the Swiper1 meets all your organization’s mobile payment needs.

The new Bluetooth Swiper1 works seamlessly with any smartphone that has Bluetooth enabled, and accepts all major credit cards. You can even accept additional and custom payment types with the Swiper1 app, such as:

  • Quick Pay (contact lookup for previous patrons)
  • Coupons, vouchers, and invoices
  • eCheck
  • Cash

To take your event experience to the next level, an optional integration with our Event Management app for Salesforce® is readily available . And yes, the same low processing fees still apply.

We’re proud to share the new Swiper1 credit card reader with all our Causes, now available on Amazon. And, as an added bonus, we’ll discount upgrade your organization’s Swiper1 at a discount if you’ve processed over $1,000 with the old Swiper1 model. Just contact us to get started.

At Click & Pledge, we’re dedicated to helping our Causes achieve their mission however we can help. We hope the new Swiper1 aids in fulfilling our mission, as well as yours.

Let’s do some good.


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