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Swiper1 Mobile Suite + Card Reader

A better event registration experience.
Accept payments anywhere.

Swiper1 is the only mobile credit card reader that combines the power of instant donations with one of the lowest processing rates available to nonprofits. Instantly accept donations wherever your nonprofit takes you: fundraisers, conferences, galas, and more. And when coupled with the Event Management app with Salesforce®, Swiper1 is a mobile event registration powerhouse.

Download the Swiper1 app for iOS devices on the App Store

Instant Pre-Authorization

Perfect for ticketed events and auctions. It’s also PCI Level 1 compliant, the highest of security standards.

Mobile Store

Designed for merchandise sales and auction items when you don’t have a computer handy.

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Custom & Recurring Payments

All transactions are deposited into your merchant account within 48 hours.

Salesforce® Integrations

Contact lookup and automatic record updating. Check in and out of events with mobile ticketing.

Authorized In An Instant

Accept payments anywhere using your Android or iOS device.

  • Pre-authorize transactions to ensure a hold on funds before transactions are completed.

  • Add optional tips and additional donations, fees, or other payments prior to checkout. Pre-set or enter manually, as fixed amounts, or percentages.

  • Email transaction reports to yourself or anyone else as a CSV file.

  • Available to all Click & Pledge accounts. The same low transaction fees still apply.

A Storefront In Your Pocket

No catalog or product limits.

  • Back up and restore products and settings across multiple devices and accounts. Recover via QR code available.

  • Sales tax, tax-deductible, and fair market value settings available for each item.

  • Email, SMS, or print receipts on-site.

Gain Recurring Donors On-The-Go

Create recurring payments for set periods, or indefinitely.

  • Customize scheduled payment options on catalog and payment pages.

  • Various schedules available for subscriptions and installments, including:

    • Weekly
    • 2 Weeks
    • Monthly
    • 2 Months
    • Quarterly
    • Annually

The Salesforce® Difference

You don’t have to use the world’s leading CRM… but it doesn’t hurt, either.

  • Swipe or hand-enter credit card information — all at the same rate.

  • Look up Salesforce® contacts on the Swiper1 app. Automatically update existing contact records, or create a new contact record with the transaction, without any additional matching.

  • Event Registration & Event Check-In/Check-Out lets you register event attendees at the door. Syncs across all Swiper1 users within your organization. Available via our free Donor Management and Event Management apps.

  • Customize permissions and access for each user, so you can control who needs to see what.

Let’s do some good. 


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