Blacksburg, VA – Click & Pledge, a software-as-a-service company offering a comprehensive digital suite of fundraising products, today announced a major software upgrade for the Connect product, making Connect 2.0 one of the best crowdfunding platforms available for nonprofit organizations. The new features and refreshed user interface provide an entirely new look and functionality to the widely used peer-to-peer fundraising product. Connect 2.0 also becomes the new customer portal for logging into a Click & Pledge account.

“New features added to the customer dashboard to allow better account management and all the tools necessary to begin using Connect as the primary customer portal,” said Kamran Razvan, CEO of Click & Pledge. The dashboard provides statistics at-a-glance with graphs, training links and news about product releases. Customers can also now see a quick view of processed donations via entry point with the suite of Click & Pledge products.

“We’ve provided enhanced customization for our customers to help nonprofits raise money – but in a way that’s totally theirs,” added Razvan. A form builder with the new version now allows customers to build their own donation acceptance forms and receipts. Customers may also create quick reports with drag and drop fields for easy customization.

“Fraud management has always been a top priority, but now customers can customize their fraud protection policies and the new user interface includes new fraud protection features,” said Razvan. Other new features include the addition of a launcher which allows easy navigation of the portal and customer account and third party integrations have also been added. Additional user-friendly product changes for Connect are due out in 2017.

“The product improvements are just one way Click & Pledge is reinventing nonprofit fundraising solutions,” said Shirin Zhodi, Vice President of Product Development. “We continually deliver cost-efficient, scalable and customizable solutions which evolve at the speed of ideas in response to customer needs for organizations of any size.”

More information on the new Connect features and a product view can be found in this webinar recording.