Blacksburg, VA – Click & Pledge, a software-as-a-service company offering a comprehensive digital suite of fundraising products, today introduced the company’s new corporate brand, logo, and website. The new Click & Pledge corporate brand underscores the company’s dedication to developing intelligent transaction management solutions for non-profit organizations and commercial businesses with a focus on a higher level of personal customer service. Since 2000, the company has been a recognized leader in online solutions to help organizations raise more money as the world becomes more digital and connected.

“We wanted to create a new brand that reflects our growth as a fundraising and payment support system for nonprofits and other organizations,” said Kamran Razvan, CEO of Click & Pledge. “Just as our company has evolved, so too must our brand evolve to reflect the impact of our innovation and the value our products and platforms bring to our more than 20,000 customers around the world,” adds Razvan. Online giving, crowdfunding, and donor analytics reports are mission critical for organizations today. Click & Pledge’s mission is to improve the way nonprofits do good in the world and how organizations of all types conduct online payments. The company’s vision is to offer the best possible innovations for online fundraising and payments to all types of organizations. “We provide our customers with integrated solutions that evolve at the speed of ideas – we’re changing the face of online fundraising solutions. And that helps us all move forward,” adds Razvan.

“Click & Pledge and the online fundraising industry have evolved considerably since the introduction of our original brand identity 16 years ago,” said Cecelia Crow, Director of Marketing for Click & Pledge. “Today, Click & Pledge is leading the industry in creating user-friendly, turn-key transaction management solutions for nonprofit organizations and business. Our new corporate brand identity reflects our company’s payment software focus and our brand promise: to be the ultimate payment support system,” adds Crow.

The new Click & Pledge logo evokes a forward thinking company while the ampersand “&” represents the broader offering of 20 constantly improving, customizable products which means we’re always adding to the full suite of digital fundraising solutions that the company offers to help support better fundraising. The color palette is fresh, vibrant, and approachable, representing Click & Pledge’s strength and innovation as well as focus on customer service. The new typeface lends a modern, clean look and represents the forward movement of the company.

Click & Pledge’s new tagline is, “It Pays To Be Good”. The tagline is a reminder with a dual purpose – it pays to be good at fundraising for good causes and it pays to be good at developing payment and donor management solutions for nonprofits.

While the brand, tagline, and logo have changed to better represent what the company is today, Click & Pledge’s value proposition remains the same – we offer the most cost-efficient, scalable, and customizable payment and donor support solutions for nonprofits with unmatched industry customer service.