Shoutout - donor outreach tool

What is a Shoutout?

A video or audio message sent directly to supporters of your organization in real time. These messages are an effective way to strengthen donor relationships virtually.

What’s inside our new feature?

  • Ability to record and send Shoutouts within Swiper1 App
  • Create a library of recorded audio and video messages for future use
  • Capability to send Shoutouts through SMS or Email (Twilio account required)
  • Comprehensive list of your donors integrated with Salesforce
  • Send messages to recent donors or Salesforce opportunities by scanning QR in Salesforce or CONNECT

How much does Shoutout Cost?

Shoutout is free for all Click & Pledge accounts.

Shoutout for Salesforce Users

Shoutout requires the latest Salesforce Instance for integration with Shoutout. Request upgrade assistance here. Once updated, Shoutout will integrate with a list of your donors in Salesforce. Salesforce users can also send recorded messages to opportunities by scanning QR code in Salesforce or CONNECT.

Why did we create Shoutout?

Shoutout was designed to bring effective donor outreach to the fingertips of nonprofit leaders. Now messages of appreciation, inspiration, and encouragement can be shared directly to donors with ease.

 View our recorded demo of Shoutout.

Watch Here