Introducing pledgeTV

Capture hearts and contributions at the same time.

Introducing your new favorite video player.
pledgeTV™ lets you create, watch, and donate — all in one place.
Fundraising videos just got more streamlined and efficient.
Donors can now give directly to your organization by watching your online video.


Finally there's a video player that also accepts donations.


Upload video content directly to the Connect fundraising platform, then link your video to one or more donation forms.


Now you can own your video and your brand.


Enhance the experience by customizing pledgeTV™ with your brand’s colors and whatever call-to-action you choose.


Immerse your viewers so they never have to click away.


Your payment forms are embedded directly into the video, so viewers can donate while they watch.

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“I was looking for a way to track the effectiveness of the videos of our campaigns. More specifically, at what point did the video touch the heart of our potential donor and what part of the video resonated with them the most. I’m delighted to say that pledgeTV™ does just that, by enabling us to assign different campaign forms to different parts of the video… all with minimal effort on our part!”

Sean Alemzadeh, Moms Against Poverty
pledgeTV Film Festival 2018

pledgeTV™ finally offers nonprofits the opportunity to make their videos really count. What’s more, we’re offering the chance to champion Causes in an environment that celebrates the power of video storytelling.

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video fundraising is more than a trend

A Mobile Must-Watch

pledgeTV™ is mobile-friendly, so your viewers can watch and donate on-the-go. The video fundraising experience is seamless.

Endless Possibilities

Customize your video with your brand’s colors, donate button text, and multiple pledgeTV™ frame templates. Social media sharing options make pledgeTV™ fundraising videos the perfect add-on to your peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Implement Multiple Donation Forms

Maximize donations by “timestamping” your videos. Timestamping will open different payment forms based on the video’s timeline. Now you’ll have the perfect opportunity to match your request with your video’s emotional impact. Track each donation’s timestamp via real-time analytics.

Create Your Own Channel

Create the perfect custom playlist by adding one or more pledgeTV™ videos to a channel. Channels can loop and autoplay multiple videos, so the viewer stays tuned-in.

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pledgeTV, an online video player for donors to give while they watch.
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