SMSgiving From Click & Pledge.

A Powerful New Way To Fundraise.

Fast, easy, secure giving that’s perfect for Causes of any size.
Customize giving amounts, set recurring donations, and capture all donor information in real-time.

powered by Click & Pledge and Twilio

Quick Giving

Inspire your supporters to give on the spur of the moment. Collect mobile donations, and capture donor information in less than a minute.

Customize Your Look

Stay consistent with an intuitive, custom form builder to match your brand’s look and feel.

Accept All Donations

Accept donations of any amount. Get real-time reports with customized thank you messages & receipts.

Custom Call-to-Action

Customize your call-to-action to fit your fundraising campaign and engage donors.

Multiple Currencies?

Set up different phone numbers for different countries with Twilio, and accept donations globally.


SMSgiving from Click & Pledge fully integrates with Salesforce.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Use scan-to-give in your fundraising campaigns, marketing materials, and events.

  • Make it easy for donors to support you in less than a minute by texting a custom keyword to an assigned number or shortcode.

  • Track donations in real time.

  • Add SMSgiving to an existing campaign, or create a new one.

  • Create a custom keyword (call-to-action) that relates to your campaign.

  • Customize your SMSgiving campaign with an unlimited amount of conditions and responders.

  • Customize your SMSgiving form to match your brand – no coding required.

  • Give your donors a real-time receipt and a custom thank-you message.

  • Run reports and see the progress in real time.

Scan to Give
Scan to Give

Test drive SMSgiving by scanning the above code, using a QR Code reader on your mobile phone. Process using the test card: Use four and 15 ones for the credit card number, any future date and 123 for CVV number.

Happy Donors = Good Donors

Go Mobile. Meet them where they are.

  • Our SMSgiving forms were made for one purpose — quick, on-the-go giving.

  • Our SMSgiving forms are compatible with any smartphone.

  • Thank them after each donation with an SMS text receipt and an email receipt.

Rest Assured

SMSgiving maintains the highest level of security.

  • Certified Level 1 by the Payment Card Industry Data Standard (PCI DSS), the highest security standard in the payment industry.

Let’s do some good.


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