Connect — Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding Platform

Empower your donors with our peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform

Turn supporters into fundraisers.

Harness the power of social networking. With the Connect peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform, the donors come to you. It’s one of the best ways to show you’re invested in your supporters.


Customizable Campaign Pages

Personal pages to give a sense of ownership to your biggest supporters.

Interact first-hand with your organization’s biggest supporters. Create fully customizable fundraising pages on our crowdfunding platform. Send them to family and friends for an unlimited number of campaigns.

Post on your website or social media, and view on any computer or mobile device.


Unlimited Campaigns & Fundraisers

However many fundraisers you have, we’ll support them.

Customize an unlimited number of organization, campaign, and fundraiser pages with:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Text fields
  • “Donate” button widgets
  • Customized payment types, donor questions, fundraiser settings and more
  • SEO tracking is also available

Patron Value Rank & Relationship Tracking

Build friendships, grow your mission.

Use Click & Pledge’s analytics to track your most supportive donors’ efforts. Patron Value Rank will:

  • Identify which donors are the most valuable to your bottom line
  • Track personal, fundraised, and networked donations for each donor
  • Identify donors who have influenced the most networked donations

Live Reporting & Comments

Track campaign analytics in real-time.

Immediately access new donor information, right from your computer.

  • Real-time integration with the Salesforce® CRM
  • 100+ custom nonprofit reports
  • Real-time dashboards reveal key indicators and at-a-glance performance

“Click & Pledge is so intuitive and customizable. It made it very easy to get things up and running quickly.”

Julie Pearson / Principal and Co-Founder, Team4Mission LLC

It pays to be good

Let’s do some good. Together.

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