Mobile Pages & Forms

Give and Go

Thumb-friendly mobile websites and forms meet your donors wherever they are.

Mobile giving is on the rise. So wouldn’t it be great if you could build a mobile giving site in a pinch? We thought so, too.

Our platform provides a comprehensive, stress-free mobile presence for all. Just tap, pay, and you’re on your way. You can also integrate all mobile transactions with your Salesforce® account.

Our mobile pages and forms are both convenient and effective.

Unlimited Mobile Pages

A pocket-sized presence that’s bigger than it appears.

Each mobile site can have unlimited content, as well as donation pages with open or preset amounts. Minimal information is needed, so it’s easy on your thumbs.


Customizable Donation Forms

Convenient, reliable… and they look nice, too.

Simply activate a phone while giving online. Once activated, payments are accepted through that phone while visiting the mobile site.

* Standard Click & Pledge transaction rates apply.


QR Code Generation

Scan and go, on the go.

Ignore text messaging fees and give your donors an easy way to visit your site. QR codes instantly connect to your custom donation page, without the extra data and processing costs of text donations.

Set up as many QR Codes as needed through the Administrative portal. They can link to specific pages, payment forms with preset amounts, and much more.

You can also assign a tracker for each code. They’ll record every transaction for you. Use them as filters for downloading reports, or post to our Donor Management platform integrated with Salesforce®.

Mobile Invoicing

It fits the bill.

If your organization activates this feature, patrons can select “Bill Me” as a payment option when making mobile payments.

  • “Bill Me” sends an email with a link to a payment form.
  • Donors can then enter credit card information to complete the transaction.

QR codes may also be set up to open pledge forms using the “Bill Me” feature.

"The functionality of Click & Pledge and what it can do for nonprofits is much more robust than other platforms."

Jennifer Purcell / Director of Community Engagement, Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits

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