Gone are the days. Welcome text message fundraising.

Okay, kids. Listen up.

Once upon a time, a coworker told me about a nonprofit in our town building homes for people who couldn’t afford them. Naturally, I was deeply moved by the message. I wanted to give. So, I waited five hours for the end of my shift. Then, I commuted an hour home. Next, I waited two hours for Grandma to get off the phone with her sister. My time had finally come. I sat down at the family computer and initiated an alien-like communication signal, also known as dial-up.  It was now 9pm. What was I doing again? The end.

Instant gratification for good.

Today, nonprofits don’t have to let eight hours go by between when their donors want to give and when they can give. Thanks largely to the small computers that most people now carry in their pockets all day, donating takes as long as sending a text message.

The Red Cross famously and successfully implemented a text message fundraising model to respond to the 2010 Haiti earthquake. In 2012, President Obama is said to have raised more than $800,000 through his text-to-give initiative on the way to winning his second term. This text approach carries with it a long list of success stories in its short history. But before you unleash the power, note that one seemingly subtle choice can mean a difference of thousands of dollars and crucial donor data for your organization.

Cellular versus SMS:

Cellular SMSgiving
Cost up to $1000 to implement $1 per month. 3/4 of a cent per text
Access to Funds Up to 2 months 2 days
Customization Little to none. Includes fixed donation amounts. Branded forms, custom donation amounts, recurring options, and more.
Donor Data No access. Real time reporting 24/7.
Traditional text message fundraising is typically structured to funnel donations through cellular providers. This can equal a host of problems for nonprofits. That’s why Click & Pledge has launched an SMSgiving solution. Take a look at the differences and implications for your cause.

Interested in learning more about Click & Pledge’s SMSgiving? Check out this article to help you get set up. We’re here to make sure you’re truly reaping the benefits of all text-to-give has to offer!


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