10Sep, 2020
  • Work-life balance

Working From Home: 10 Tips for Nonprofit Staff

Here are 10 tips that can help Nonprofit Staff stay healthy and productive while working from home during this new normal.

20Aug, 2020

The True Cost of Online Fundraising

Hidden costs are especially damaging for nonprofits that simply don’t have space in their online fundraising budgets to deal with nonsense.

6Aug, 2020

The Power of Recurring Donations

Receiving a steady income from your donors is easier than ever before with recurring donations.

22Jul, 2020
  • LegacyToConnect

From Legacy Pages to CONNECT

We created a step by step guide for our Legacy customers making the switch to CONNECT forms and campaigns.

6Jul, 2020

Text Message Fundraising Tools

Traditional text message fundraising is typically structured to funnel donations through cellular providers. This can equal a host of problems for nonprofits. That’s why Click & Pledge has launched SMSgiving.

29Jun, 2020
  • SMSgiving

SMSgiving in 4 Easy Steps

Click & Pledge has created a way for your supporters to give to you as quickly and efficiently as they connect with loved ones, order food, and confirm their dentist appointments. Texting. It's really as simple as it sounds.

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