The Family Man – Jubilee Housing

Jorge Torres is everything we meant when we named this series, “Heroes Uncovered”.  

Jorge is a maintenance man for Jubilee Housing in Washington, D.C., a nonprofit fighting for justice though affordable housing. He spends his days about as far out of the spotlight as you can get – in people’s apartments changing lightbulbs, fixing showers or letting in elderly folks who’ve locked themselves out for the tenth time this month.  

It’s not unusual for a resident to have his personal cell number, calling him at all hours any day of the week or weekend. Jorge has all the bases covered, be it maintenance or non-maintenance needs. He’s the guy delivering the groceries or providing the steady arm that helps someone walk down the street. He’s the guy who knows everyone’s kids, even the ones away at college.  

The part that sticks out the most is that he would never volunteer any of this information about himself. If we didn’t ask people around Jubilee about all Jorge does for the residents there, we would never know. And neither would you. But he is okay with that.  

Jorge doesn’t show up for the accolades. He doesn’t wait until someone is watching so they can tell him what a good person he is. He does what he does because he is taking care of his family. It’s something he learned from his mom back in Colombia: your fellow human beings mean something.  

24-year Jubilee resident Gilma says it best. “That’s beautiful of him, you know? That’s worth value.” 

Any time we care for someone, no matter who they are, it’s worth value.  

Jorge, you have our respect and admiration.