Human Philanthropy – National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Janay Richmond leaves an impression.

Maybe it’s because everything about her character seems so counter to the realities she spends her days trying to change. Those are the kind of people you remember.

Janay works in Washington, D.C., as the director of marketing and membership for the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. NCRP’s goal is to hold the world of philanthropy accountable to follow just practices and prioritize social justice, especially as it relates to communities of color.

One might think that the nonprofit, philanthropic space should be the safe space – a space that only fights racism, ignorance, and injustice rather than proliferates them. But unfortunately, inequity touches every corner. It’s a sad and perhaps even baffling reality, but a reality nonetheless.

After just one conversation with Janay, it’s impossible not to notice her kindness, warmth, intelligence, passion, and hopefulness. In light of all she encounters on a daily basis in this work and in life, she certainly has the right to exude none of these things. But yet she does.

Janay Richmond is hero #2 of Heroes Uncovered. She’s humanizing philanthropy, and we hope you will join her.