Jane Doe – Children’s Trust

15,277 children were abused or neglected in a 22-jurisdiction corner of southwest Virginia in 2020 alone.  

The Save Jane event recognized and honored those kids by having volunteers read their names, ages, and jurisdictions in a public setting. But to protect the children, Jane and John Doe were substituted for their real names. The reading took more than 16 hours.  

Beth Eisenzimmer was once Jane Doe. For her, one of the worst parts about the experience of abuse was the feeling of being alone, like you don’t have a voice. This feeling has propelled her to a lifetime of being a voice for those who need one. It’s why she fought so hard to bring Save Jane to southwest Virginia.  

Beth worked for about two years to make the event a reality. Through the many changes and challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic and personal health problems threw at her, Beth never wavered in her mission to make sure that every child got the voice they deserve.  

That kind of resolve and vulnerability takes incredible courage. Beth is one of the many faces of Jane Doe, and she is a hero.  

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