The Energizer – Appalachian Voices

Harnessing solar power is a spiritual experience for Nashville native Jason Carney.

“No man owns the sun…I think it’s about independence.”

Jason launched his solar company, Energy Electives, with the primary goal of delivering solar power and solar opportunities to underserved communities of color. As of late 2021, he is the only Black person in Tennessee who owns this type of business.

“It just takes a lot of grit, a lot of dedication, and passion for doing what Jason does where he does it,” reflects Bri Knisley of Appalachian Voices.

Appalachian Voices is a nonprofit that works closely with Jason to fight for clean and equitable energy across the Appalachian region.

Many in this part of the country look to Jason as a leader in the education and advocacy space around solar energy, as evidenced by the faithful time he spends in schools mentoring the next generation. He had no mentors who looked like him when he realized his dream of starting a solar business. He’s now made it his mission that those who come after him will not have to say the same.

Jason Carney is “The Energizer.”

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