The Welcomer – McGregor Hall Performing Arts Center

If you’re a guest in Henderson, North Carolina’s McGregor Hall, Beryle Lewis is there to make sure you aren’t just stepping into a $9 million, 1,000-seat performing arts center. She’s there to make sure you’ve come home.  

A Henderson native herself, Beryle was first exposed to theatre when a college professor took her class to a Broadway show.  

As she puts it, “That was it.” 

Since then, Beryle has been attending and volunteering at every performance she can get to across the state. Lately, she’s found her home at McGregor Hall, where she spreads her love of the stage by welcoming every guest that walks in.  

With her trademark flower in her hair, the audience has come to expect Beryle at the door just as much as they expect to see the show they paid for.  

She’s got your program, your seat location, a hug and a “How ya doin?”  

When you’re here, you’re family. May we all be inspired to make others feel this way in every area of our lives.  

Welcome. Enjoy the show.