Donor Management Record-Keeping Is Now More Consistent

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  • Donor Management with Salesforce® Release Notes: April 30, 2018

Here at Click & Pledge, we strive to make sure you get the most out of your fundraising tools. Record ownership is a must-have when you’re trying to figure out how a transaction is related to a campaign. The most recent update to our Donor Management app with Salesforce® helps to ensure consistent record-keeping in your CRM.


  • Own Records From Other Communicating Apps: If a Salesforce® user processes a transaction through an external app (like Swiper1), they’re the assigned record owner if the email address matches their Salesforce® user email.

  • Own Your Temporary Contacts: We added “Owner” and “Created by” fields to the C&P Temporary Contact. These fields are reviewable before you process a record.


  • More Consistent Communication With Connect: Transactions from Connect and external apps match to “Primary Campaign” based on the transaction’s campaign. This ensures backward compatibility and fewer report inconsistencies.


  • More Control For Active Salesforce® Users: Active users will own a transaction record if the original owner is no longer active. This resolves an issue with “Inactive Salesforce User” when a transaction owned by a former user would wait for processing in the C&P Temporary Contact, or if pushed later to Salesforce®.

  • Performance updates, interface changes, and all that jazz.

Read the full release notes on our forum

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