Through all the cat videos and clickbait the Internet provides us, there’s a whole lot of noise that we have to sift through to find content that’s truly special. At Click & Pledge, we’re taking steps to fix that and create something that’s truly meaningful to video fundraising.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of pledgeTV™, a revolutionary new move in video fundraising. pledgeTV is an online video player that lets viewers act immediately by contributing to their favorite causes.

This is a new era for both online donations and nonprofit videos. We are a company that releases products at the speed of ideas. pledgeTV is just the next logical step as nonprofits increasingly use videos as a form of donation appeal. Best of all, it’s included at no additional cost for all Click & Pledge clients.

pledgeTV™ Lets You See When Donors Give

One of the more advanced features pledgeTV offers is the ability to “timestamp” a video with different donation forms. This allows nonprofits to further customize their video fundraising campaigns. For example, pledgeTV can link to one donation form five seconds into a video, and an entirely different form that’s 20 seconds into a video. Better yet, accounts can track the exact time that each donor gives during the video through real-time analytics.

Nonprofits and organizations who use pledgeTV will also have myriad ways to customize the design, colors and format of the video player.

pledgeTV is available now to all our clients, at no extra charge, as part of their accounts. To learn more, go to

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