We are excited to announce the Click & Pledge Foundation’s film, Love Crime, was chosen to appear in 2 screenings at this year’s LGBT Feedback Film Festival. The LGBT Festival in Los Angeles is designed to showcase the best of LGBT stories from around the world.

Although the first screening will take place in Los Angeles for a select group of individuals, Screening #2 takes place for free on LGBT Feedback Film Festival’s online feed on Saturday, September 26th at 8 pm EST. We are excited to tune in and look forward to seeing all the amazing films.

To be LGBTQ+ in Iran is to fear for your life. Few people know this better than International Railroad for Queer Refugees founder, Arsham Parsi. In our film, Parsi and 3 other Iranian refugees reflect on their traumatizing past, their new life abroad, and their hope for the future. The Foundation team was incredibly excited to have this story shown to many.

The film will be released on our Next Generation Series page after these screenings.