Let’s Rise for Science.

Now, more than ever, we see the need to support our communities and businesses through the challenges and changes caused by COVID-19. The distribution of the vaccine is just beginning, and we still have strides to make.

This is the #Rise4Science Challenge. Our goal is to help build public trust around the vaccination, encourage individuals to share their experience, all while giving back to our community’s nonprofits.

How to #Rise4Science

1  Donate in honor of a vaccinated individual or frontline organization

2  Share vaccination/donation experience using hashtag #Rise4Science

3  Pass on challenge to 4 peers, businesses, or organizations


Sponsor your employees, frontline organizations, and local nonprofits. Don’t forget to challenge 4 others!


Take a stand, get vaccinated, and challenge 4 friends. Utilize “#rise4science” on social media and together our voice will be heard.

Resources to Get Started


The #Rise4Science challenge is an opportunity for business and organizations to give back to their community. Download this guide to get started and learn how you can start participating.

Download Guide


Learn how you can inspire and take action as an individual in our #Rise4Science campaign. By utilizing your social channels and challenging peers, your voice can be a part of the movement.

Download Guide


We encourage anyone and everyone to utilize these images and graphics. Make use of the content for your challenge posts on social media, announcements, or your website!


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Proud Partners

Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center
Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad
Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine