21 Mar, 2017

The Year of Causes: Introducing Facebook Ad Integration with Connect

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Click & Pledge started as a side project. It’s not a widely known origin story, but back in 2000, the local United Way in Blacksburg, Virginia, tried to find new ways to raise funds. Something easy for those who wanted [...]

13 Feb, 2017

Introducing The Import/Export “Recycle” Feature, & More In Connect

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Now you can duplicate your Connect templates within minutes for your organization’s multiple accounts, or share it with the entire Click & Pledge community.

3 Feb, 2017

Google Chrome’s Latest Security Update: What It Means For Your Website

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If you’re using an embedded form on an unsecured site — even though the form is secure — Google Chrome will still mark your webpage as “Not Secure.”

1 Dec, 2016

High, Low, or No? The Effect of Default Values on Online Donation Forms

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Donation form optimization needs a big update. All it takes is one small click of a button. Luckily, there's new research on default payment values.

5 Oct, 2016

Announcing Swiper1 App Release 7 Updates

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Great news for our Swiper1 users: We’ve updated our iOS and Android apps to help you do more good. The update is available for immediate download from Google Play and Apple’s AppStore. The new Swiper1 app is packed with new features and [...]

4 Oct, 2016

Click & Pledge Launches Crowdfunding Product Improvements

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Blacksburg, VA – Click & Pledge, a software-as-a-service company offering a comprehensive digital suite of fundraising products, today announced a major software upgrade for the Connect product, making Connect 2.0 one of the best crowdfunding platforms available for nonprofit organizations. [...]

16 Sep, 2016

Announcing Salesforce Event Management Release 4.4005

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Click & Pledge is announcing a big update to our Salesforce® Event Management app integration. Some of the updates were made in response to the upcoming Salesforce® Winter ’17 Release. Some of the new features included in the Salesforce® app release are: [...]